Goals That Give
A public avenue for authors to donate work(s) to charity

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How to Donate


Directions to Donate/submit publications:


1.   Contact Goals That Give (GTG) (see contact us).   Include an overview of your intent in the text.

2.   GTG will request the following in response:

Provide a charity or charities that they will support (indicating a specific chapter or division if applicable)
Provide a (pdf) copy of a letter sent to the charity (of their choice) stating their intent to provide proceeds* from sale of their publication(s).
Provide a brief synopsis of your material, number of pages, a photo of your book cover, the price, and a brief listing as to where it can be purchased. – This will be added to the GTG website.


Since Goals That Give, Inc. does not audit each author/contributor on their specific contributory levels to the charities of their choice, it (GTG) is not liable for any misrepresentation of publications/books/works that are “advertized” as charitable donations.  The author has full management of financial donations and all donations of their proceeds/royalties are at their specific discretion.
GTG may evaluate or authenticate charities indicated by contributing authors, however the “honor system” is the preferred approach unless there is need otherwise.
Additionally, all advertized books/publications will be evaluated for suitable content in regards to the intent of the GTG Focus.

Proceeds* - a portion of
the proceeds or all proceeds (after unspecified
expenses, etc.)








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