Goals That Give
A public avenue for authors to donate work(s) to charity

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About Goals That Give (The Mission)


Goals That Give is a non-for-profit effort which provides an avenue for visibility of published works that have charitable cause. 

Mission of Goals that Give is two-fold:

1) To provide a media outlet that is focused on advertising publications that support charity.    

2) To direct others to these works who may be pursuing a goal, or know someone that is, and as such would like to support a charitable cause by purchasing the publication.  


What types of products are advertized on Goals That Give?   Works are intended to be of inspiration, instruction, or motivational content.  The subjects may vary from children's books, guidance on how to start a business, completing a triathlon, becoming fit/losing weight, climbing a mountain, or in my example, how to qualify for the Boston Marathon. 

Why Goals That Give?   What better approach can there be that not only provides a gift to a worthy cause, but also provides insight or inspiration to another that desires personal enhancement. Countless numbers of people have accomplished some amazing things in life... and many of these accomplished goals are similar goals of others who may be seeking guidance.   

Publications listed are promoted only because the author/provider has selected a charity to donate proceeds from the sale of their works.  These proceeds are then directed exclusively by the author.

It is my hope that this idea/effort will make a difference in the lives of those who are in need. 

          David Venable

            President - Goals That Give, Inc.

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